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Kids Project

Camacho Baseball Academy in 2014, decided to take a project on what we call, Kids Project. A young LHP 12 years old Edwin Jimenez was our project. The project consist on Edwin's training, Gym workouts, vitamins & nutrition, room & board in the academy. For four years until his date, July 2nd MLB Draft for him to sign with any organization of MLB.

July 2nd MLB Draft is one of the biggest date in MLB baseball where great players get signed when they are 16 of age in the Dominican Republic.

On July 2 2017  0ur LHP Edwin Jimenez signed with the Atlanta Braves.

Our project was completed, onto the next Kids Project.

OUR KIDS PROJECT 2023 & 2024

Catcher 2023

Our Kids Project for 2023 is Ray Andy Sapata. A young hard-working ballplayer & great catcher, he's been with us since October, 2019.

SS 2024

Our Kids Project for 2024 is Raimi Ballejo. A great SS batting Right & Left, he's been with us since November, 2018.

Showcase November 19, 2021

Camacho Baseb​all Academy works hard to help our young players achieve there goals. We are proud to see our 2023 & 2024 what fine young men & ballplayers they are turning out to be.   


The Camacho Baseball Academy Kids Project is a revolutionary effort to help kids as young as 9 years old become professional baseball players. Through innovative training, we strive to turn these young athletes into well-rounded future pros. With our program, kids learn the fundamental skills needed to succeed at baseball and make a successful transition into adulthood. We focus on not only teaching them the technical aspects of the game but also instilling discipline and good moral character. In addition, our program enables them to sign contracts with Major League Baseball teams, giving them an opportunity to fulfill their aspirational dreams while providing financial security for themselves and their families. We are proud of the work we do at Camacho Baseball Academy and look forward to seeing more success stories in the near future!

Kids Project 2028

Camacho Baseball Academy is proud to introduce our youngest ballplayers to Kids Project with 10 years of age. A project that will take 6 years until 2028.

                       We Can't Wait!!!


Kids Project 2028

Kids Project 2028

Kids Project 2028

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